Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does Prospr Health cost?

Prospr Health's pricing varies by payer, but is always broken up into 3 pieces:

1) The rewards you pay out to your members for achieving progress towards their wellness goals.
2) A nominal monthly fee per member per month with an active goal.
3) A commission payment calculated as a % of the payouts made to your members.

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Does Prospr Health actually drive desirable health outcomes?

Yes! Based on extensive research done by Prospr Health and countless other doctors and researchers, wellness incentives - when administered in the correct way - reliably result in a 300% return on investment, in the form of medical cost savings. Don't believe us?  Think of it in more simple terms...

People who are overweight or obese not only carry elevated risk, but frequently have weight-related conditions that lead to higher medical expenses. When they lose weight, those risks are dramatically reduced, and their conditions can be alleviated or reversed.

By wrapping your members in an ecosystem of daily interactions, cash incentives, and the tools and resources they need to succeed, Prospr Health creates an environment of success, not excuses and failed attempts.

What if members don't become healthier with Prospr Health?

Prospr Health was founded with the mission to help people increase their quality of life, and in turn cut medical costs for insurance providers. We are so dedicated to this mission that we've aligned our own business model behind the success of our users. If users don't achieve their wellness goals and lose weight, you pay almost nothing.

 How do you deal with wellness maintenance?

Once Joe Smith achieves his weight loss goal and falls to a healthier weight range, Prospr Health doesn't quit! We opt these successful users into a maintenance program, where they're offered coaching that focuses on continuing their great work rather than behavior change. Users are still given access to our network of partner resources, and they're still eligible for incentive payouts. For maintenance payouts, a user is paid on a quarterly basis to maintain their healthy weight, rather than on a per pound basis.

What about the yo-yo effect? What if a member gains their weight back? 

We have a rule - that you can only lose the weight once. This means that once a user has lost a pound and has received payment for achieving that weight loss, they cannot be paid for that interval of weight loss again - even if they gain the weight back and lose it again. For example, if Joe Smith loses 10 pounds and goes from 200 to 190 pounds, he will not be eligible for any progress payouts until his weight reaches 189.

Where can I download your app?

The user app will be available in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play store in September 2020.
The web app for payers will be available on our website for our partners, also in September 2020.

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