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Incentives Save Lives - Here's How

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Grace Manes
Incentives Save Lives - Here's How

African elephants have been endangered for years. In 2008, a study came out with the claim that these animals could be extinct by 2020. Luckily, now that we’ve actually made it to this year, we know that elephants are still around thanks to the support of various organizations- but how did they do it? What methods have these groups used to protect the elephants? One major way is through positive incentives. Positive incentives are rewards that give people desirable outcomes for behaving in a certain way. In Zimbabwe and South Africa, elephant populations are once again growing because there are policies that pay people for maintaining elephant herds. In this instance, and countless others, we’ve seen that positive incentives work.

Prospr Health is founded on this very idea. The first phrase you’ll see when you click on our website is “Incentives that Work” because we know that they do. Prospr Health’s ultimate goal is to see real, tangible, healthy outcomes for our users, which is why we’re using a method with surefire results.

So, why exactly do incentives work? Incentives function because they lead to the formation of new habits. Oftentimes people will say that starting something is the hardest part, and that’s usually true! Taking that first step and trying something new are typically the most difficult part of completing any task. So if an individual needs the extra push to begin exercising each week, but can’t quite find that intrinsically, the external incentives of being paid for weight loss can be the final push that person needs to start! Once this individual has worked out even just a few times, they’ll be much more likely to continue exercising, even once the incentives are removed! Luckily, with Prospr Health, the incentives remain.

Just as incentives can be used to create good habits, they can also be used to break bad ones. If a person knows they need to stop eating fast food regularly to lose weight, but is having trouble motivating themselves to make this change, then a platform like Prospr Health, which pays people to lose weight, can be enough incentive to get this person to eat fresh meals at home instead! 

Another way that monetary incentives can lead to positive behavior changes is through the removal of barriers. Maybe you haven’t been able to justify paying for a gym membership or spending the extra money on fresh produce because of your budget. However, knowing that losing weight will result in you earning actual money can help alleviate some of these additional costs associated with health. Earning money for losing weight equips people with the tools they need to commit to their weight loss journey by alleviating the financial barriers associated with health and wellness! Good health should be accessible for everyone.  On top of this, Prospr Health provides access to our partner network to drive the costs of wellness products and services down even more!  Need new running shoes?  We’ve got you covered.  What about healthy meal options?  Not a problem.  But you don’t know how to work out?  Now you do - with the help of Prospr Health and our partners.

Our incentives work to keep you motivated. Following the same workout or health routine each day can become monotonous or lead to a long term decrease in motivation. At Prospr Health, we know that rewarding and acknowledging your weight loss accomplishments can reignite your enthusiasm and push you to continue moving ahead. Incentives work because they sustain momentum towards a goal. They elicit feelings of support and companionship, and give the recipients even further cause to keep working hard. 

Whether they come in the form of protecting the elephants or bettering your health, incentives can save lives. At Prospr Health, we recognize the power that positive incentives have, and our goal is to share this power with our community to enhance people’s quality of life.