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How to Love Working Out From Home pt.1

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Grace Manes
How to Love Working Out From Home pt.1

Odds are you’re probably reading this from home. Over the last several months, you’ve probably done most things from home: work, eat, sleep, and maybe even socialize if you’re lucky (or unlucky) enough to live with others. And while spending most days at home might have you feeling stagnant or frustrated, there are always measures you can take to spice up your normal routine! 

Working out from home might seem like a bit of a challenge at first. In the pre-pandemic world we had access to a ridiculous amount of workout classes and gym spaces. Maybe you loved to exercise at SoulCycle or your local gym and have been struggling to find the same motivation to workout without these in-person resources. While these options aren’t necessarily available right now, that doesn’t mean that your workout routine has to suffer! The truth is that you have just as many (arguably more) options for working out at home than working out outside of your home!

Thanks to the internet, you can truly do anything you want. There are countless online workouts available to you through YouTube, Instagram, or subscription-based exercise platforms! To give you a jumping off point, here’s a short list of some examples:

Free Online Options:

Subscription Online Options:

If you’re craving something more personalized or can’t quite find what you’re looking for on social media platforms, paying for an online fitness subscription might be a better option for you! Below are just a few examples of paid-subscription options that offer high quality, at-home exercise classes:

Finding a new at-home routine that you love can be so exciting! View this time as a challenge. A new opportunity to better yourself. A new beginning in learning how to love your body! Prioritizing your health is always essential, but it especially matters in times of stress and uncertainty. Take comfort in the fact that no matter what the world looks like, you will always have control over yourself and your dedication to your health.