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Healthy Lifestyle on a Budget: Exercising

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Healthy Lifestyle on a Budget: Exercising

Healthy Lifestyle on a Budget: Exercising


Saving money is often a top priority, especially when it comes to your health and fitness. You may be thinking that the only way to stay fit and get a good workout in is through gym memberships, which are generally a bit pricey depending on which you go with. Fortunately, there are many strategies to keep fitness affordable, without paying for a gym membership. Here are some tips for having an effective workout without breaking your bank!


Use Bodyweight and Home Workouts


In this day and age, anything is accessible with the internet. You have just as many workout options at home as you would in a gym setting. Try different exercise videos or outdoor workouts. There are endless options on Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Check out “How to Love Working Out from Home Pt.1” on Prosprhealth.com/blog for some great options!


Feeling extra motivated? Use household objects to add intensity to your home workouts! Try

holding a case of water while you squat or lunge. Use soup cans as mini weights for arm exercises! Use your stairs as a great cardio workout. The possibilities are endless, and this will get your creative minding working.

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Purchase Multi-purpose equipment 

Another option that you may choose to invest in is multi-use exercise equipment. Some options for multi-use equipment are exercise balls, a step, and cardio machines (which are on the pricier side, but it’ll beat a gym membership cost). Some more equipment on the cheaper side include:


-   Resistance Bands and loops: Resistance bands are cheap and can be used to add extra resistance to your workouts!. They can work every muscle in your body!

-   Dumbbells: Compared to other larger weight machines, dumbbells are the perfect option to save some money. They can be used for a variety of exercises and body parts. There are pricier sets of dumbbells (an investment that may help you save money in the future), but you can find cheaper sets at stores like Wal-Mart and Target.

-   Jump ropes: Jump ropes are great for adding to your cardio routine, and they are portable and inexpensive!

-   Slider discs: These sliders are great for ab workouts and make for a great full-body workout! Check-out Amazon for some great set options that include discs, jump-ropes, and resistance bands!

Check for Freebies and Trials in your area 

If you are thinking of joining a gym, look for any free or discounted trials for different gyms in your area! Make sure this gym is somewhere you can see yourself getting the most use out of! Some common gym freebies/reduced pricing to look for include:

-   Trial memberships

-   Guest/day passes

Sometimes websites won’t always show these options, so give them a call! They may have options for you that they don’t express on their websites. The worst they can say is that they don’t offer a free day pass, so it won’t hurt to try!


Working out doesn’t need to be expensive, but remember, your health is an investment. Though it may not seem sensible to join an expensive gym right now, investing in home equipment is something that will help you save money down the line. Staying healthy will keep healthcare costs low, and your quality of life high!