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Curbing Your Sweet Tooth 

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Kelsey Foulsham
Curbing Your Sweet Tooth 

Curbing Your Sweet Tooth 

We have all been there, sugar cravings kick in and we give in to temptation. Indulging when you get a craving is fine, but for many of us getting a little taste can turn into binging and overeating when we taste those sugary foods. This is because sugar releases serotonin giving us that happy high, but once it wears off you're primed for a crash. Here are some tips to curb your sweet tooth. 

Eat More Protein 

Sugar cravings are usually caused by blood glucose levels dipping. Adding more protein into your diet can help stabilize your blood sugar. Protein keeps our stomach full longer which will help avoid large spikes in blood sugar which means you are less likely to experience low blood sugar as well as the intense sugar cravings that come along with it. Instead of reaching for that sugar loaded snack try eating foods like greek yogurt, cottage cheese, or a protein shake to curb that craving.

Stay Hydrated 

Before focusing on cutting sugars from your diet, try to pay more attention to the amount of water you are drinking. Dehydration can often be mistaken for hunger so before reaching for that cookie try drinking a large glass of water and see how you feel after. 

Reach For Fruits 

An assortment of fruits are a great source of natural sugar. It can also provide other nutrients like fiber into your diet. Adding 2-4 servings of fruit per day can go a long way in helping you feel satisfied. Although it is not refined white sugar, fruit can help curb those unhealthy sugar cravings.

Get Moving

Whether it’s going for a walk or a jog, movement and exercise can reduce sugar cravings. This serves two purposes the first being it distances yourself from the sugar you are craving. The second is that exercise and movement releases endorphins. These are the feel good chemicals in your brain that can help turn that craving off. 

Remember that it will take time to curb sugar cravings. Start small and give yourself time to adjust to living life with less sugar, and eventually it will become easier to stick with.