Better Wellness. Better Outcomes.

Prospr Health is a wellness platform that allows health insurance providers and employers to invest directly in the health of their high risk populations, dramatically reducing risk and cutting costs in the process.
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Near zero risk.

Attempts at wellness are nice, but we want life saving, cost cutting outcomes. We've decided to put our $$$ where our mouth is and only charge payers when users make progress towards their goals. No hollow costs here.

Creating sustainable wellness.

Tell a person what to do to be healthy, and they might take your advice. Teach someone how to make daily healthy decisions, and they'll sustain their wellness for a lifetime.

Cut costs and claims.

Countless studies, our extensive surveys, and some basic math show that Prospr Health incentives generate a 300% return in cost savings for every dollar spent. Don't believe it?  Learn more here.

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Prospr Health: 
The Basics

Users sign up, tell us their insurance provider information, and set wellness goals. They're given the tools, resources, coaching and education they need to succeed - all backed by cash incentives that get paid out when they make verified progress.

When a user verifies progress (self weigh in, or visits their doctor), we confirm accuracy and then trigger an immediate cash payout.

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Flexible, transparent analytics.

Data is the lifeblood of our business, and we know it's central to yours as well. All of the data we capture and crunch is made available to you in static reports and in our dynamic analytics platform. All of our numbers, crunched together with key member data from the insurance provider side makes for a powerful engine that  return actionable insights and real, significant results in real time.

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Intelligent Incentives

Wellness Tools
& Resources

High Touch
Health Coaching

User Features

Prospr Health is a holistic wellness platform. While we center our users' experience around incentives we work with our partners to provide the physical tools (eg. workout apparel, healthy meals, etc.) needed to help achieve wellness goals. To fill in the gaps of daily education, encouragement and engagement, we use health coaching. Everything we do is centered around putting users in a position of strength to make the necessary changes in their every day lives to achieve their wellness goals.

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Really Supportive!

Prospr Health didn't just pay me to lose weight (which I've been trying to do for years!), they checked in with me every day and gave me awesome recipe ideas, workout plans, and tips and tricks to keep myself motivated and positive. This program has made it easier
to hold myself accountable on a daily basis.

- SM
Lost 15 pounds

Thinking Differently.

The incentives have shifted my thinking around everything. Now instead of spending money on junk food, I’ll hold off knowing that staying on track can actually earn me money”

- WL
Lost 11 pounds


I’ve been self conscious about my weight for years, and heard about this great opportunity to lose weight and get paid. I was a little skeptical because I’ve tried countless diet programs, but these are the best results I’ve seen yet! it isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. Thanks to Prospr Health.

- MJ
Lost 32 pounds

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